A Guide To Purchasing The Best Domino Joiner

A Guide To Purchasing The Best Domino Joiner

To know what the best domino joiner is you would need to know joiners. The joiner is an essential piece of equipment for any builder or woodworker. As it implies a joiner helps to join two pieces of wood together to form a strong connection. This sounds simple enough but finding a joiner worthy of adding to your workshop is a whole other story. There are countless joiners out there promising the same thing.

What Is A Domino Joiner?

Joiners are not new products in the world of woodworking. But when compared to other woodworking tools the domino joiner is. These unique tools are the perfect blend of dowel joiner and biscuit joiner. The domino joiner takes the best features from each to create the ideal woodworking tool. So what is the best domino joiner for you?

Festool is one of the world’s leading power tool brands. They were responsible for this innovative product. But it didn’t take long for other brands to be following suit. It’s rare to see advancements in the power tool market. Most of the tools are already upgraded to be as good as they’re going to get. That fact makes the domino joiner a revelation.

A domino joiner cuts grooves for domino shaped biscuits and it cuts in the same way a biscuit joiner does. The domino joiner has a drill-like rotating cutter, which makes a mortise slot. That drilled slot accepts a domino loose tenon. It can create joints for a variety of sizes.

Domino joiners are a completely unique power tool. This tool can add great value to your workshop if you know what you’re looking for. The popular brand Festool created the Domino joiners. Other brands have recreated similar tools without as much success. Finding the best one should be easy but there’s quite a lot to consider in your search.

Festool domino joiner.

This buyers guide is here to help you navigate the searching for the best domino joiner. We'll help you understand the difference between a domino joiner and biscuit joiner. So, how beneficial can they be? After this you’ll be better equipped to find the right one.

We’ve taken the hard work out of reading countless reviews. Here are your best choices for domino joiners. This review will give you some peace of mind that you’ve chosen the right one.

Our Top Picks For Best Domino Joiner

If you are one with experience finding woodworking tools and equipment will know how hard it can be. Even to wade through the reviews to find something worthwhile take time. We’ll help you narrow down your search with our picks for the best domino joiner. This is the only domino joiner review you will need to read.

Best Domino Joiner: Festool Domino XL Joiner Set

Festool are the best of the best in joiner sets. This brand has been delighting woodworkers with their premium products for years. You can expect to pay a little more for a Festool product. Price isn't always a sign of quality or how well made the tools are but for the Festool it is. Festool's Domino XL Joiner Set is the best Domino Joiner when compared to others on the market.

You get a three-year warranty with this device, so the higher price tag for quality was worth it. Festool's customer service support team respond to any questions about your tool. They are happy to explain how to get the best use out of your wonderful piece of machinery.

A key difference that Festool's Domino XL Joiner achieves is the speed in which it works. Online reviewers mention that it feels like cheating when they use their Festool. It’s very fast and trouble free; working with a quality that all woodworkers hope for in all their tools.

Festool 574447 XL DF 700 Domino Joiner Set

source: festoolproducts.com

Festool Domino XL's patented cutting system rotates and oscillates at the same time. That means you have some of the most precise and clean cuts you’ve ever seen. Besides this there's the speed in which it works. Here you have a piece of machinery that's unrivaled by anything else currently on the market . The Festool makes a must-have premium domino cutter for anyone looking.

Some online reviews stated that the Domino XL was quite a heavy tool. It's a little bulkier than they’d expect to have in their workshop equipment. Some other commentors mentioned they preferred the weight as the machine felt stable. So weight may be an issue of contention for woodworkers using the Domino XL.

The mortise width adjuster is one of the easiest adjustments you’ll find on a domino joiner. Adjusting mortice width is a dial up exercise. You can also achieve quick alignment with the indexing pins. This is a domino cutter design has a fast but thorough approach.

The tenons on this device go up to  5 ½ inches in length. That means you can work on projects of all sizes, even the large-scale ones. You’ll also have the option to upgrade to a joiner set that comes with tenon attachments of 8mm and 10mm in length. As well it has cutters for size D8/D10; making this tool the complete package.

Festool makes all their jointing systems to be compatible with their other products. That means you’re getting much more than a domino joiner when you buy this. The Festool Domino XL is a serious contender in the woodworking market. It's the smartest choice you can make if you’re looking for a quality and super-fast domino joiner. We say it's a great add-on to your collection.

Runner-Up Domino Joiner: Festool 574432 Domino Joiner Set

If you’ve operated a Festool before it will be no surprise that their products made our two top choices of best domino joiner. The Festool Domino Joiner Set is a compact version of its XL. But, this compactness doesn’t mean it misses out on any usual features of this famous brand. It’s still one of the fastest operating joiner sets on the market.

The Festool Domino's pivoting fence lets you create angled mortises between 0-90 degrees. Also it has positive stops at 22.5°, 45°, and 67.5°. Although smaller in size, this still has all the features of the XL including dust extraction. The extraction design lets you clear out the holes for better adhesion and a longer life of your cutter.

If you’re looking for more versatility in your cutting prowess you might want to buy the extra set of tenons. This model only includes a 5mm cutter. The price for the other attachments is small when compared to the price of the machine. We say it’s justified for the extra use you’ll get from the machine.

Festool 574432 Domino Joiner DF 500 Q Set

source: festoolproducts.com

You’ll amaze yourself about how much your woodworking skills improve when you use this joiner. You’ll find yourself wasting fewer pieces because of an inaccurate cut. It moves faster than anything you’ve seen but without losing its keen precision. You can’t go wrong by putting your faith in a Festool Domino Joiner Set.

One big downfall to this tool is the price tag. Even though it’s the smaller version joiner some people will find it hard to justify the cost. You can get an average quality biscuit joiner for around $150. If you can afford the more expensive option, definitely invest in the Festool Joiner Set.

After using this one time you’ll realize why it’s such a popular choice. You will also understand the quality and higher price tag. If you were sitting on the fence about it's value, you need ponder no longer about this being the best domino joiner.

It's easy adjusting for width and depth. Festool quality of craftsmanship puts this joiner well ahead. The Festool is an investment that will last in your workshop for many years to come.

If you’re looking for a more compact version of the Domino XL with all the quality, precision and speed, choose this. If you need more versatility and freedom to work on larger scale products, then go with the XL model.

The Difference Between A Biscuit Joiner And Domino Joiner?

Are you thinking of what tools your woodworking shop needs most? You’ve been reading the lead up to a domino joiner vs biscuit joiner debate.

Biscuit Joiner And Domino Joiner

A domino joiner and biscuit joiner each has their own purpose. It all comes down to the woodworker and the type of projects they create.


The main difference between a biscuit joiner and domino joiner is the speed. The domino is capable of performing quick accurate cuts and joins. Choose a biscuit joiner if you’re looking for a fuss-free approach and have less cash. If you have a lot of similar work to get through, a domino joiner might be a smarter investment.

Structural Support

You’ll find that domino joiners offer greater structural support in what you’re creating. There are many great biscuit joiners that can do the same job. Thus speed and quality all depends on the brand of tool and style of machine you buy.


In most cases, best domino joiners will be a lot more expensive than best biscuit joiners. That means domino joiners will be harder to justify. Many people begin with a biscuit joiner when they’re starting out. As their skills progress they want something that can keep up, and a domino joiner is a perfect choice.

Why Your Workshop Needs A Domino Joiner

Many woodworkers who upgrade from a biscuit joiner to a domino joiner never look back. Some woodworkers like both tools. This provides a good sign of how much use you can expect yours to get. The biggest advantage for the domino joiner is the speed in which they cut. With speed you can free up time for other things in the workshop. With speed you reduce some of the tediousness that comes from performing a lot of the same cuts and joins.

Best Domino joiners can be a costly investment. When you feel you’re at the level needed to have one you might have to save up for your domino joiner. They will reduce your time spent on the cutting machine. But because they carry a high price tag you will need to justify buying one. And be sure you’re getting one for the right reasons.

You will be hard pressed to beat the precision of the best domino joiner. There’s no better way to achieve the structural support that we look for in our work joins than with using one of these. Domino joiners have good mechanical dust extraction. That means when you glue joints they get clean adhesive that will last longer. The tool adds value to everything that you do.

Festool domino XL joiner.

The Final Verdict

Shopping around for tools for the workshop isn’t always the most fun thing to do. When you’re looking at quality of the best domino joiners, you can’t help but get excited. Many woodworkers claim that their domino joiner completely changed the way they worked. They no longer look for other joiners, so domino joiners are definitely worth the higher cost.

When you make any investment of this size always consider all options. Make a worthwhile investment of well regarded brands who make good tools / accessories. The right domino joiner in your workshop can save you hours of hard work. This one simple tool will give you more precise cuts with less down time.

When you choose he best domino joiner for your needs we would love to get a comment from you about how it rates. When you have a comment, please share it with us. Feel free to share this review and best domino joiner guide.

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