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All You Need To Know About The Best Wood Jointer of 2018

The best wood jointer will straighten warped lumber boards, to improve the look of the wood without risk of causing it damage. Whether you are a professional woodworker or a weekend hobbyist, you know for sure that one of the most critical tools of your workshop is a wood jointer. The machine was specifically made to ensure that the wood remains perfectly straight so that it can be fitted with other pieces without trouble or loss of style.

The best wood jointer has to be the foundation upon which several of your other woodworking tools operate. Admittedly, the initial investment is on the higher side. But, if you are running a woodworking business, the machine will repay its cost in a short year or so. Alternatively, if you’re a weekend DIY-er, getting a wood jointer will encourage you to put your creativity into action with more vigor.

What to Consider When Looking For The Best Wood Jointer

Open Stand, Closed Stand, Or Benchtop Design

The majority of woodworkers prefer closed stand jointers, as they are exclusively designed to keep debris and dust out of the motor, hence extending the jointer’s lifespan.

Cutting Depth and Bed Width –

The cutting depth establishes the number of passes you will need to make the wood completely straight. Then the bed width is a central factor that determines the overall cost of the wood jointer.

Fence With Changeable Positive Stops

An important factor is the ability to tilt the fence to sustain the jointer’s accuracy, which can be achieved with a jointer having inbuilt adjustable positive stops.

Motor Horsepower

The standard horsepower of a jointer is about 1, which is enough to even out softwood, hardwood, and even luxurious wood pieces without any problem.

Dust Collection Ability/Ports

An efficient dust collection system removes the dust and keeps your worksite clean and less susceptible to accidents.

Manufacturer, Warranty, and Amazon Rating

It is crucial to know about the reputation of the manufacturer, as well as the years of warranty included.

Best Wood Jointer: Top 5 Analyzed and Compared

If you are a woodworker just starting out in furniture making, picking the best wood jointer wouldn’t be the easiest task since there are numerous brands, sizes, and types available in the market today. That situation would encourage you to exercise caution, become acquainted and familiar with the several different types before buying a jointer.

 To help you with your choice, we reviewed the top five wood jointers considering their quality, performance, ease of use and affordability. Here are the results we found:

Porter-Cable PC160JT Wood Jointer

PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Variable Speed 6

Experienced woodworkers will swear by the credibility of the Porter Cable power tools. You might not be surprised that the variable speed PC160JT is on our best wood jointer list and for a number of reasons. Firstly, the engineering and design of the jointer creates an optimum balance between performance and versatility.

Moreover, despite its imposing frame, the machine itself is simple to use, which makes it a winner among the majority of its users. The wood jointer is stocked with a variable speed motor, which offers you exceptional control. Specifically, this machine lets you select a specific speed that suits the characteristics of the timber you're working on.

You can seamlessly change the cutter head speed in the range of 6000 rotations/minute to 11000 rotations/minute. Additionally, the 110-Volt motor generates enough power to allow the 2 blade cutter head to operate at 12000 to 22000 cuts/minute. The cutting efficiency of Porter Cable PC160JT, with its 2 blade cutter head, is beyond comparison and makes it the best wood jointer. A unique feature of the Porter Cable is the ease with which the position of the cutting blades can be changed or when replacing them.

The PC160JT wood jointer gives you ultra-consistent performance when the cutting head is engaged. The machine comes equipped with a center-mounted fence providing excellent precision support during the entire cutting process. Apart from great performance the Porter Cable PC160JT has a friend-making price.

Grizzly G0725

Grizzly G0725 6 by 28-Inch Benchtop Jointer

Many woodworkers say that Grizzly products are synonymous with premium quality from exceptional engineering. The G0725 has a powerful 110-volt motor that is ideal for numerous domestic applications. With that available power the cutter head effortlessly reaches operating speeds of 10,000 rotations/minute.

The Grizzly comes with an easily adjustable bevel up to 45-degrees, and its knives are easy to move in either direction. Also, when it comes time to replace worn blades with the new ones, the blades swap out easily without any problems. You might need to put in some time checking the manual to get the process right.

Furthermore, an essential feature of a premium specified best wood jointer is the quality and usefulness of its dust port. The Grizzly G0725 dust port measures 2½ “, and efficiently collects all the cutting debris with speed, leaving your worktable free of dust and wood particles. The Grizzly G0725 dust port plays its role in keeping your environment clean and safe.

 Notwithstanding the above, a drawback of this wood jointer is the absence of variable speed adjustment option. The lack of the variable speed feature results in comparatively less control over the cutting speed. Furthermore, you don’t have the option to alter the speeds to commensurate with the toughness or thickness or of the wood you intend to cut. That difference makes it the next best choice after Porter Cable.

Cutech 40160H-CT

Cutech 40160H-CT 6

The third wood jointer on the list comes with impressive features and is the go-to tool for many DIY and professional woodworkers. It is often said that if Cutech was to make a few changes to its performance and design, the 40160H-CT could undoubtedly topple Porter Cable and Grizzly in the near future. This is because this machine is stocked with a state-of-the-art spiral cutter head whose outstanding performance and ruggedness is a surefire winner with any seasoned woodworker.

The recent 360 degrees redesigning of the 40160H-CT’s spiral cutter head has significantly increased its ease of use and the capacity to cut, thereby increasing the product’s market share compared to its competitors. The overhaul has also introduced the product into market strata previously untapped such as amateur rookies, weekend DIYers, or a professional on the lookout for something new.

 The machine comes with 12 two-sided inserts assuring that your wood comes out more smoother than the one operated by conventional cutting heads. Moreover, the emphatic 10-Amp 120 volts motor allows you to do any kind of heavy-duty carpentry. The machine offers a cutting capacity of 6” and 1/8-inch depth and width wise, making it ideal for carrying out a broad array of wood cutting tasks. The machine comes with a table measuring 30” with the capacity to handle any kind of wood.

Shop Fox W1829

Shop Fox W1829 Benchtop Jointer, 6-Inch

The machinery line of Shop Fox relishes high credibility among its users, thanks to its top quality power tools including the best wood jointer according to the manufacturer. The W1829 comes equipped with a powerfully reliable 110 volts motor, which makes it a perfect tool for both commercial and domestic purposes.

Moreover, the motor renders enough power to run the machine’s 2-knife cutter head at a maximum operating speed of 10,000 rotations/minute. According to seasoned woodworkers, the speed of Shop Fox W1829 is at par with the majority of premium quality wood jointers available in the market, making the tool a winner on the performance front.

Although the absence of variable speed option such as the one in Porter Cable puts you at a slight disadvantage since it offers more control, you still get a speed of about 20,000 cuts/minute. If you know your wood, that speed is enough to handle the densest of lumber.

 Furthermore, alike most other wood jointers, the W1829 comes stocked with an infeed table knob that allows you to smoothly change the cutting depth to the desired height and up to ⅛”. Lastly, the machine comes with a conveniently useful mini impeller that does a fantastic job cleaning the resulting chips of timber from the cutter head, thereby leaving your workstation clean and safe.

Delta Power Tools 37-071

Delta Power Tools 37-071 6 Inch MIDI-Bench Jointer

The 37-071 by Delta is the best wood jointer when it comes to accuracy and simplicity. Its premium engineering and superior performance prove the manufacturer’s unrelenting commitment to quality. Moreover, the body of the fence is builtwith industrial-grade cast iron, renowned for being ultra-strong and rugged, yet compact and lightweight enough to enable smooth operation.

The usage of cast iron gives you an assurance that the machine is capable of taking on the most daunting wood cutting projects out there. Since cast iron is sufficiently heavy, it renders stability that is able to withstand most of the vibrations, thereby enabling more accuracy.

Moreover, the fence of Delta Power Tools 37-071 offers positive stops at 90° and 45° (outward & inward), and you will face no difficulties when adjusting the angles of the fence. The machine comes stocked with solid 12-Amps, 120 volts motor with the capacity to reach highest speeds of 10k rotations/minute. Additionally, the cutter head comes inbuilt with 2-straight knives with a maximal capacity of ⅛” and gives a corresponding speed of 20,000 cuts/minute.

Furthermore, the fence and table measure 22-⅞” and 28-½” in length, respectively. Therefore, allowing you to smoothly joint wood or lumber measuring about twice a bed’s length. Simply put, 37-071 by Delta has the capacity to effortlessly join a maximum of 5” long materials without needing any additional support.

Recommended Best Wood Jointer

By now you have been through the top five wood jointers available in the market today. You can make an informed decision on which one to buy to put your woodworking skills to good use. Our Recommendation of the best wood jointer is the Porter Cable variable speed PC160JT.

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