Biscuit Joiner accessories

The Biscuit Joiner Accessories Guide You Can’t Do Without!

What Are Biscuit Joiner Accessories?

Biscuit joiner accessories might seem an afterthought when you are thinking of buying a joiner. Of course, before buying biscuit joiner accessories, you need the tool itself.  Woodworkers who know their stuff will testify to the fact that nothing beats a biscuit joiner when we want swift, and dependable joining and alignment of project parts. The device cuts matching slots (disc-shaped) in wood, and allows two parts to be joined through oval-shaped wood discs. A biscuit joiner offers a quick and strong alternative to floating-tenon joints and doweled joints. The Swiss woodworker Hermann Steiner invented the biscuit joiner in the 1950s.

Biscuit Joiner Accessories

Why Do You Need A Biscuit Joiner?

Ever since biscuit joiners became available commercially, these uncomplicated handheld power devices have become a norm in just about every professional cabinet shop, or serious DIY weekend workshops across the USA. It gives you a strong, mechanical joint in practically no time. Also, comparatively, these machines do not cost so much, so making them a real winner in the hands of a seasoned woodworker.

However, according to the industry experts, the majority of people aren’t harnessing the full potential of their biscuit joiner. No, it is not the fault of the power tool. The reality is that most woodworking folks do not use the right biscuit joiner accessories to extract the maximum value from their tools.

Read along; we have taken the time to test all of the following accessories to offer you the best ones for your wood projects.

Top Biscuit Joiner Accessories: Biscuits

The biscuit is a tiny wooden piece you tuck into the slot in the side of the wood. It is primarily used to join sheet goods such as particleboard, plywood, and medium-density fibreboard. Also, there are some niche biscuits available such as metal connectors for removable panels.

 Following are your top 3 biscuit options for professional or DIY projects.

PORTER-CABLE 5563 Joiner Biscuits

An O.E.M. authorised accessory that is compatible with many Porter Cable models, is a product of the United States. The power tool can join materials as slender as 1-½ inch. However, it is crucial to remember that standard size 0 biscuits are a bit too long to be used in 1-½ inch stock, as these biscuits are 13mm x 30mm.

If you are using these face frame biscuits with Porter-Cable's 557 deluxe plate joiner, your narrow stock can be joined with ease.

Also, with a density of 5/32-inch, the part is as thick as any standard biscuit, and can offer a lot of strength to a typical face frame construction. Moreover, the re-sealable tube safeguards the product from moisture to restrict swelling.

DEWALT DW6820 Joining Biscuits 

From the globally recognized power tools manufacturer, Dewalt, comes one of the best biscuit joiner accessories that is unsurprisingly also Amazon’s Choice. The product is completely manufactured from compressed Beech alongside diagonally running wood grains.

Dewalt DW6820 biscuits are made in line with premium industry standards to provide long lasting joint strength. The raw material itself is harvested from the well-managed forests of North America. This accessory is required when joint strength must not be questioned.

It is very practicable to store the product in an airtight container, particularly if you live in humid climate. This is because the biscuits will swell when exposed to moisture and will not shrink back upon re-drying.

Versatex PVC Joint Biscuits

The critical manufacturing aspect that sets Versatex apart from other biscuit joiner accessories is that it is made from 100% PVC. Contrary to products made from plastic, it enables complete PVC to PVC fusing while simultaneously joining many pieces of PVC together.

It comes in a box of 25 and is typically used for an Azek trim, PVC decking, and other external usages. According to serious DIY hobbyists, the product is a fantastic way to create a 32-inch wide door out of 16-inch wide Koma.

Top Biscuit Joiner Accessories: Blades

As with any cutting tool, a substandard blade results in poor cut quality.

Following are the top three blades for your biscuit joiner.

Freud FI100 4-Inch 6 Tooth Blade 

This slick blade is your original replacement part for Freud JS100, JS102, and several other credible biscuit joiners. The 3-15/16” blade offers a 22mm bore and comes with 6 micro grain carbide teeth for an extended life. The product is secured by the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty and is available in a kickback reducing design.

According to long time users, who have used it on oak, maple, MDF, and pine, Freud’s carbide is thicker than other available blades, which allows the blade to be re-sharpened many times.

DEWALT Carbide Plate Joiner Blade

This powerful blade is designed for the DW682K plate joiner. It is manufactured from reliable carbide for sharp and precise tips, offering neat cuts and a prolonged blade life. The DeWalt DW6805 is engineered with six teeth and measures 4” in diameter. Also, customers reported the blade has improved performance from their plate joiners.

It makes smooth, precisely shaped slots for biscuits insertion to join two pieces of wood. A large majority of woodworkers use this blade instead of a router to make tongue and grooves, as it is easy and accurate.

Lamello 6 Tooth Carbide Cutter

A Lamello tungsten tipped blade, it is considered as one of the most credible industrial quality blades for professional or trade usage. The carbide-made six-tooth cutter is a substitute blade for the Top 20 biscuit joiners. It cuts a 4 millimeter slot for biscuits and other connectors, and bears a diameter of 100mm. 

Moreover, apart from Lamello, it functions smoothly with TOP20/21, Classic C3, Zeta, as well as several other renowned biscuit jointer brands.

It is one of the best biscuit joiner accessories, and is, therefore comparatively expensive. However, the additional cost is worth every penny as the blade slices through hardwoods time and time again.

Top Biscuit Joiner Accessories: Glue

Remember, we use glue instead of nails and screws to join wood through biscuit joiners, which makes this accessory as significant as biscuits and blades.

The following are your top 3 options.

Gorilla Clear PVC PrimaGlue

The glue is odourless, which enables you to breathe normally with no illness or headaches due to strong toxic odours. Also, the product itself is non-flammable making it safe for shipment. 

Gorilla PrimaGlue fulfils IAPMO R&T and ASTM standards, and is eco-friendly with a low VOC. It is highly recommended for hobby projects and dries white, making it almost impossible to see.

Titebond Ultimate Wood Glue

The product truly lives up to its name, making it one of the most handy biscuit joiner accessories. Titebond Ultimate Wood Glue is also the only proven waterproof glue available in the market. The waterproof formula meets the ANSI/HPVA type I water-resistance requirement and provides outstanding bond strength, extended open assembly time, as well as lower application temperature.

Also, it is non-toxic as well as solvent free. The glue offers powerful initial tack, and sands smoothly without softening. Additionally, the product is FDA approved for incidental food contact through cutting boards, making it wood-perfect for interior and exterior usages.

Titebond Original Wood Glue 

Yet another Titebond product that is an industry standard for woodworking. It offers a potent initial tack and a quick speed of set to minimize clamp time. Moreover, this wood glue provides a bond tougher than the wood itself, apart from offering superior sand-ability and is also uninfluenced by finishes.

The glue is ultra-resilient against solvents, heat, and mildew, and is perfect for wood, particle-board, hardboard, cloth, leather, and a large majority of other porous materials.

The product is simple to use, cleans up with water, and is non-toxic. Furthermore, for over 50 years, this original aliphatic-resin wood glue has been the preferred choice of woodworkers who aspire to achieve professional-looking results.

More Biscuit Joiner Accessories

Okay, you will have noted that biscuits, blades, and glue are the three most essential biscuit joiner accessories. With that said, there are still more that can add precision to your timber projects.

MLCS 9405 Multi-Joint Spacing System 

The power tool does exactly what the names says! It offers you multiple options of 1/4-inch, 1/2-inch, and 3/8-inch box joints. The set up can be table mounted with swift easiness, and can be used to create dado, rabbet, spline and sliding dovetail joints. The packaging also comes with 5 brass set-up bars.

Seasoned woodworkers will advise, it is essential for you to use the system’s upcut bits, otherwise you would be left with insufficient height above its fence board. The accessory works smoothly with Bosch and Dewalt, as both the biscuit joiners can alter the height without any problem.

Lamello 121810 Dust Collector Hose 

The flexible dust collector hose is one of the most underrated biscuit joiner accessories. It keeps your power tool clean, and is best suited for Classic C2 Plate Joiners as well as Lamello Top 20. The product material is plastic and measures 23mm in size.

According to seasoned users, the accessory is ultra-flexible and doesn’t get damaged even if you stepped onto it. Moreover, the hose also functions smoothly with a PC 5" random orbital, Lamello joiner, or a 3 x 21" PC belt sander, or practically anything with a 1 inch exhaust port.

Now that you have read this, you will have a functional knowledge of the most essential biscuit joiner accessories available today. Feel free to comment in the section below.  

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