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Bosch GLM 250 VF Professional Review

The Bosch GLM 250 VF Professional Review: Does It Have What It Takes To Survive In The Field?

There was a time when all measuring had to be done by hand via a portable hand held tape measure. Small tapes were used on small jobs and big tapes on larger ones. This Bosch GLM 250 VF Professional review will suggest that if your woodworking tools don't include a laser measure like this, it's time to get one. Maybe read this article to learn some benefits and potential uses of this accurate measuring equipment. A skill saw will cut the lumber to length, and a biscuit joiner will affix your pieces by slots and biscuits  joining at the edges,  but the cut and slot need to be rightly placed. No need to have a set of metal and cloth tapes to measure and check the distances. Measuring to millimetre accuracy is a simple action of hold, press and read.

The invention of laser meters changed that completely and now work that used to take hours can be done within seconds. The current crop of laser meters are excellent tools, but every now and then, a unit comes along that deserves a second look, for both its pros as well as its cons. Our Bosch GLM 250 VF professional review takes a careful look at Bosch’s all new laser distance meter.

Bosch GLM 250 VF Professional Review

Bosch GLM-250 VF Laser Measurement Device’s Features

When it was launched, it had a variety of features that made many people sit up and notice. 

Some of these features as defined by the product guide, include the following:

  • This device is absolutely ideal for outdoor use thanks to its own integrated telescopic viewfinder that gives excellent visibility of the laser point up to a ‘stated’ distance of around 250 meters or so. Maximum distance measurement capabilities that work even in adverse or even low light conditions, thanks to this unit’s large glass lens as well as ceramic optics carrier
  • Numerous very easy to operate measurement functions for both very fast as well as exceedingly accurate calculation of various distances, areas and even volume for that matter
  • A highly useful telescopic sight
Bosch GLM 250 VF Professional Review

Product utility

With the help of this device you can easily take measurements for painting, construction, designing and many other jobs. In woodworking we work at the small end of the scale but this tool is accurate for long and short distances, with pocket watch convenience. Pull it out, press to measure and back into the pocket. Ready to cut and forgot to confirm the measurement is as the plan? Scroll down the last readings and you have it again. Got the biscuit joiner set up and a quick check of the distance by pressing the button and read the measurement, mark the spot and press the biscuit joiner into the place to complete the job.

Measurement Time

This distance-measuring instrument helps you take relevant measurements very fast indeed so that you are able to save your time. Usually it takes less than half a second for the unit to take a measurement and a maximum time of around 4 seconds (approx.) to calculate the measured value. If you subscribe to the measure twice, cut once then this machine is perfect. Do the measuring and you have a visual record of the readings. If they are the same, your job is perfect.

Memory Capacity

This Bosch GLM-250 VF laser measurement has the capacity to store up to 30 old measurements so as to make it quite easy to store the various measured values to make comparisons, references, and any calculations that you might need to make later on. In woodworking or most construction work that is more than enough numbers to keep in memory. When putting the biscuit joiner and saw to the job you need only a few readings to confirm, which takes a few seconds to complete.

Comes With A Handy Protective Pouch

While not being fully shock proof or waterproof, the protective pouch nevertheless does provide a certain degree of protection from the elements. But you should not put too much faith in it since it is there to store the device or and to let you carry it quite conveniently. If you really want to keep it safe you should consider investing in a waterproof and shock proof bag or just carry it around in a briefcase.

Carrying Strap

The cover does however, come with a carrying strap so that it is easy for you to carry this device around while making sure that your hands are also empty so that you can perform other more important tasks. Most of us have pockets and this tool fits easily into normal pockets of shirts or pants.

Dust and Splash Protection

While the unit is robust enough to survive a typical construction site, and can withstand been dropped in a puddle (provided it is picked up immediately) and can also operate in dusty condition, but that does not mean it is completely waterproof and dust proof and, therefore it should be treated with the care typically reserved for any other electronic device, such as your cell phone (for instance). If you are doing cabinet work using the skill saw and the biscuit joiner this measure is not going to sneeze at the little bit of wood dust created.

Bosch GLM 250 VF Professional Review

What’s In The Box

While doing a review of the Bosh GLM 250 VF Professional we were lucky enough to get a look inside the box:

  • One Bosch GLM-250 VF laser measurement device
  • 4 x 1.5 V Batteries
  • Protective Pouch
  • check
    Carrying Strap
  • check
    Instruction manual

General information

  • Model Name: Range Finder
  • Length: 12 cm
  • Type: Engineer's Precision Level
  • check
    Magnetic: No
  • check
    Units of Measure: Feet, Metre
  • check
    Level Accuracy: 1 mm

The warranty period is only 6 months for manufacturing defects. In our opinion this is a really short warranty period. Many other manufacturers of similar products are offering at least a one year warranty period, and Bosch can certainly take a leaf from their book. But on the other hand, it is an extremely robust and durable unit, just like many of its other Bosch counterparts.

Specifications  of the Bosch GLM 250 VF Professional 

  • Measuring range – 0.05 to 250m
  • Typical measuring accuracy – ± 1mm
  • Laser class – 2
  • check
    Laser type – 635nm, < 1mW
  • check
    Measurement time, typical – < 0.5 s
  • check
    Measurement time, max. – 4 s
  • check
    Power supply Batteries: 4 x 1.5 V LR03 (AAA)
  • check
    Automatic deactivation – 4mins
  • check
    Weight, approx. – 0.24 kg
  • check
    Length – 120mm
  • check
    Width – 66mm
  • check
    Height – 37mm
  • check
    Units of measure – m /cm /mm
  • check
    Memory capacity (values)- 30
  • check
    Battery lifetime (approx. 30,000 individual measurements, in total)
  • check
    Dust and splash protection IP 54
  • check
    Integrated telescopic viewfinder

Additional Functions of the Bosch GLM 250VF Professional

When doing our review of the Bosch GLM 250VF Professional we were impressed by all the functions this little machine offers. Check out the list below and we think you will be impressed as well. 

Bosch Glm250vf Professional Distance Meter Laser Rangefinder GLM 250 Vf
  • Continuous measurement
  • Indirect measurement and multi wall surface
  • Min as well as max readings
  • check
    Ability to measure length, area and volume
  • check
    Multiple button functions
  • check
    Memory recall function
  • check
    Memory addition and subtraction functions
  • check
    Equals button
  • check
    Permanent laser pointer button
  • check
    Cancel and on/off switch
  • check
    Integrated reference: These include tripod thread  front end and back end as well as measuring pin
  • check
    Integrated spirit level
  • check
    Multi functional measuring pin for precise measurement even when pointed at hard to reach areas and rough edges

Bosch GLM 250 VF Professional Review Of The Real World Usage

However, these are only the advertised or stated options. The actual ‘in the field’ usage might be a tad different. Many different users have given their own take on the product. But the constant refrain has been the same. That the “stated” stats are somewhat different than the actual ones.

The Bosch GLM 250VF Professional has issues when used in direct and harsh sunlight and the range of the device can easily drop down to one hundred meters. At ranges beyond 100 yards, and in strong direct sunlight, the device has been known to give error readings.

This isn't a problem if working in low light, or inside a building doing construction, measuring a renovation or doing home handy work and even cabinetry. It might seem a bit over the top to have a laser measure like this for carpentry, using a saw and biscuit joiner but with a Professional laser measure why not use this measure for just about everything? This is a flexible tool that measures everything.

No Rechargeable Battery Option

It does not have rechargeable batteries and if you anticipate some heavy usage plan on carrying a few extra of AAA sized spare batteries on you. You won't want to be stuck with a dead machine.  This may not be an issue at home in an urban area, or planned to have batteries with you. However, if you are playing golf with mates (or playing in a tournament), and relying on it for precision of setting a distance then it might save your game to have spare batteries. Maybe at a shooting range halfway through a match, or at a remote construction job, you will be stuck if the batteries start to fail.

Be warned, the device does not have a low battery indication light. This means that you will not get a warning of when the unit’s battery power will gives out and when it goes completely blank.

These devices can use a lot of battery power so it's prudent to pack a spare set of extra-long life batteries as well.

Difficulty In Switching Between Unit Systems

Another issue with this unit is that it is not easy to convert its measurement from feet to any other metric units of measurement. The instructions manual that came with the Bosch GLM-250 VF Professional unit did not give particular guidance on how precisely to go about changing from one system of measurement to the next.

In order to do so, you will have to call up the Bosch helpline and they will guide you through (step by step) the process. So, if you want to convert various units in the field, then you could pack your smart phone and do your own calculations.

This is apparently over looked in the design lab, since many other Bosch Range Finders do not have this problem. On other Bosch units you can switch from one unit to the other with the touch of a button. It is also possible that many people will not find this issue a deal breaker as, like me, they only use one set of units and rarely need to flick back and forth from metric to imperial units.

System Improvements

There are three improvements that the manufacturer could take on. The manufacturer could improve the battery life of the GLM 250 VF Professional Laser Distance Measure, resolve the problem of it presenting errors over 100 meters in bright sun light and add Bluetooth functionality to the device for being a little easier to use.

Despite these small criticisms, this is a tool for the job whatever you need to measure, but you might consider in the range over 100m the ageless advice to measure twice and cut once.

Bosch GLM 250 VF Professional Review: Conclusion

In the light of all said above, our review concludes that the Bosch GLM-250 VF Professional Laser Distance Meter is a great product for most renovation and construction projects. It is extremely accurate and fast and using it practically guarantees that distances can be measured more accurately and with a minimum of hassle involved. In this blog I explained the need for accurate measuring is diverse.  I suggest that you buy one for more than just working. I use mine in construction and renovation as a builder and woodworking for fun. I might choose to use it to measure and cut timber and for checking the location of the biscuit joiner slots in my day to day but then I take it with me on our weekend golf walk to make choosing the right club a breeze.

Yes, this laser range finder’s utility is not restricted to construction and woodworking activities: It can also be used for sports. I'm a weekend golfer but other people who are practical shooters for example will be able to confirm the distances they will be shooting at, without fear of making mistakes about the distance. 

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