Man Cave Decorating Ideas

Man Cave Decorating Ideas?

Man Cave Decorating Ideas: Experience

I was considering retirement. We live in a large home and the kids have moved out. It seems an ideal situation to focus some attention on what we want. I thought designing a purpose built “man cave” at the house was an answer. I was toying with some ideas on what it might look like. I didn’t think my questions were that strange. I asked for ideas and feedback on man cave decorating ideas.

My wife thinks a man cave should be a shared space. She says a home leisure centre for general use and more entertaining (even if away from the house). I was thinking a creative space in a shed, a backyard cabin or a studio addition at the side of the house. We already had converted one of the bedrooms into a gym. My neighbour suggested that spending more time playing golf could be a good way to spend spare time.

I had considered a kind of art studio in the garden that doubled as a visitor’s room. That is an area overlooking the pool and back garden. I thought it might add value to the property and it would provide a lot of space needed for storage. Storage cabinets are some things that a biscuit joiner could make.

 Man Cave Decorating Ideas Do Change!

I looked to the Internet for pictures and man cave decorating ideas. Years ago a man cave area was a family room or place within the new home having a pool table. Some had a wet bar with sink, bar fridge, a bar stool or two, and over counter down lights. Then there is the wall mounted drinks dispensers, and a pull down theatre screen. You would put the screen on the far wall for watching games.

It was a room separate from the kitchen where a spouse’s friends might talk and experiment with food. Often the room had a sliding door so you could escape to the back yard / patio area. This was a an area that was desirable to share with friends!

man cave decorating idea with pool table

Later pictures showed man caves took the form of a home theatres. They were complete with a raised pavilion for recliner leather chairs. They had surround sound, mood lighting, huge screen, electrically operated curtains. I didn't notice an exit door.

Consider equipping your man cave theatre with some level of soundproofing. Ensure neighbours still enjoy their quiet life while you watch the latest movies. With sound proofing you can watch at whatever high volume. Sounds do provide some interesting sensory effects.

We have conservatory style room enclosed with glass doors and windows. That room is without soundproofing but is only for a TV and laptops. I guess that now-a-days the man cave decorating ideas provide something different.

man cave decorating idea Home Theatre

Tastes for man caves are different

Yes, the man cave decorating ideas project should be an opulent add-on feature with a ‘wow factor’.  When it comes time to sell your home consider whether the buying public might be as enthusiastic. Sometimes your man cave decorating ideas and taste were best when you conceive them. It might be the buyers say ‘interesting idea’ during their visit. What if the man cave decorating ideas became a fixed attachment to the veranda, patio or balcony? They argue the costs of removing this feature when negotiating a price reduction.

In some residences the man cave has moved outside or beyond the house. It could be you added a storage area behind the carport/ garage or even separated into a new shed, annex or a workshop. Please note that such additions may need local council approval.

A man cave sited outside might provide a great outdoor entertainment hub. It can incorporate a bar, barbecue or fire pit and be the relaxing focal point.  An oriental pond with fish, exotic garden or tropical green house may enhance the yard. Often a good swimming pool is a feature spot. Ensure you have all plumbing and electrical work done to building codes. Have those jobs done by licensed tradesmen.

It seems appropriate that the modern man cave expresses the signs and decor of the man who calls it home. For example, my brother has a passion for old motorbikes and cars. That hobby is likely to direct him into a workshop style garage expansion. The same structure for me would become a studio for art and woodworking. The building might look similar until it we starts decorating.

Considering Man Cave Decorating Ideas?

man cave decorating idea carpentry shed

The digital shopper looking for great man cave gift ideas will find Amazon and E-bay. They can help your online store shopping. You can devote hours to virtual decoration of your Man Cave dwelling.

If you are the tactile, look and feel shopper, then a visit to any good hardware store will help. Any visit will prompt your appetite for gadgets and tools. A great tool for any carpentry shop is a biscuit joiner.

Your personality, interests and budget will dictate the sort of accessories you choose. You don't have to decorate your Man Cave. It might be perfect as a shed. What you put in it will depend on the space available and the cash at your disposal.

Here are some ideas for consideration:

Man Cave Wall Signage

Entry statement signs can delineate a “Man Cave”. You can decorate with slogans, work signage, art and pictures that will ensure the cave’s theme is clear to all. Use low-tack adhesive that will not pull paint off when it's removed and does not leave a residue. Sign makers can create personalized and non-personalized man cave decorating ideas. Man Cave signs to give the appropriate feel for your decor. Signs made of durable fade resistant vinyl can get cleaned with a wipe cloth. It will stay looking fresh on most flat wall surfaces.

Customised Man Cave: Serious home-brew refreshment!

A man cave needs atmosphere. Try a homebrew kegging system for the social home brew beer tasting show. You will find home brew is great for the thirsty crowd. Express status with a stainless steel draft beer dispenser or wine fridge. It will be a unique element for your backyard barbecue. Your friends will get one after they experience your brew.

man cave decorating ideas home brew

A beer fridge and beer dispenser will need a well endowed bar to rest the glass and burger on. Consider timber and canvas or cane seating in your man cave's bar area. They will hide the drip and splash better than leather or fabric seats. Remember the dangling chain supported dome chairs of the 1980's? With exposed roof beams outside have dangle chairs and a few hammocks between posts. You will create a relaxed setting between the tropical planting areas.  And yes,  keep the area in shade later in the day by covering western windows and doors with an awning.

If you customise a Man Cave with a sound system and big screen, consider the neighbours. Don't expect to share a live game on TV without inviting them over. Don’t expect to keep the crowd quiet if the game gets at all interesting. There are many man cave decorating ideas for sound systems, wall screens and gaming. You will find a host of electronic gadgets on Amazon if you are in this market.

In the garden you might consider the use of solar power for garden lights and powering your pool pump and heating or even the whole workshop/ man cave. Installing a small array of solar panels on your shed will pay for itself in short time.

Your man cave will love gifts. Especially like craft tools and power tools for making those hobbywood productions. Good tools set you back a pretty penny.  Good tools last a lifetime. Show your "I want this" gift ideas to family and friends. They could help you customise your man cave each year. Do a thank you show and tell after each of your birthdays and at Christmas.

Man Cave Organisation

Remember, visible organisation will help you keep stuff that available. When a friend borrows an item, the shadow outline of the tool will remind you that your loaned tool. You will need it to come back home soon. Show your friend that a sticky note is stuck to that spot; it keeps your tool in mind until returned. If they see you do it they will remember to return it.

If the tool isn’t returned, visit your friend with a beer and take the sticky note. Go see what your tools have created. Your friend's work creation may add an item to your man cave decorating ideas list.

man cave decorating ideas wall storage

Organisation is important

Ah yes, what if your neighbour’s passion involves regular use of their beloved Harley? You usually want them to consider their decibels and the time of day. In the same way consider the neighbours when you wish to whittle wood. Working on a lathe, bench saw and thickness some recycled timber flooring in noisy. Also using an orbital sander and vacuum can be annoying to someone not involved in the task. Using power tools or compressor to strip, paint and polish cabinetry is not a quiet exercise. Your man cave decorating ideas need to have some noise consideration built in. Noise making activities won’t help you sign up a friends list in your neighbourhood.

Talk with the neighbours about what you do in your spare time. It's good to learn their feelings about noise from your hobby. They might help to suggest where to position the man cave to suit its intended use. Also while planning the build consider the need for soundproofing and tell them of your plan. Finishing your masterpieces using noisy creative tools is part of woodworking. We say share your man cave decorating ideas with your community. The community will appreciate your ideas and enthusiasm.

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