Home Furniture 101: Pallet Furniture Ideas

Home Furniture 101: Wood Pallet Furniture Ideas

Make Wood Pallet Furniture From Delivery Scraps

Wood pallet furniture  sounds industrial but using care and the right tools changes that. In here you can find wood pallet furniture ideas for a commonly overlooked resource. Pallets have been around for years for storing larger items on and for shipping goods. Now, wooden pallets are more than a piece for packaging. People have used them as an inexpensive wood pallet furniture resource for design of home decor.

We made this guide to help our readers make their own wood pallet furniture for their home. Get some inspiration on how to create furniture pieces out of wooden pallets. Get creative, get inspired, and get busy! Start making some wood pallet furniture.

What Are Pallets?

Pallets are flat wooden surfaces used in cargo ships. You use them for loading containers and supporting the goods for transport. Cargo consignments use the process called palletizing. Stuff gets put on pallets. Now you can use them for making wood pallet furniture.

During the 20th century pallets replaced other crating forms. There are still wooden barrels and boxes but now they go onto pallets. Pallets go into intermodal shipping containers. Those are large corrugated metal boxes used for bulk shipping by road or sea.

But pallets are more interesting when used as furniture. For us home DIYers, they are a wood pallet furniture resource. Lets use them to express our creativity and make objects such as chairs, beds and tables.

Most pallets are a wooden base slab. Pallets can also be from recycled materials, plastic, paper and metal. We make wood pallet furniture because its a material that fits well into the design of most homes.

Wood Pallet Furniture before.

What Size Pallet?

Before you start making wood pallet furniture, make sure that the boards you get to fit the size of your project. If they are too large, you can cut them down. Take the time to size the pallets. It will ensure that you'll have a right sized comfortable furniture item that fits your home!

Pallets come in many custom sizes, so there is a multitude of standard sizes that you can use for furniture. When using the pallet dimensions we start with the board length and then the width.

Here is a list of the most common pallet sizes:

  • North America - 1219mm  x 1016mm
  • Asia and Europe - 1000mm  x 1200mm
  • Australia - 1165mm  x 1165mm

Now To Convert Pallet furniture Ideas Into Wood Pallet Furniture.

Besides the pallet itself, you need to get the right tools to make the wood pallet furniture.

With these tools, you can make almost anything out of pallets. For instance, you can make beds, chairs, tables, frames for artwork, and other things with a few hours of DIY work.  We’ll explain how you can create a hanging chair and other wood pallet furniture ideas in the next section.

Here is a list of some common tools that you’ll need for making wood pallet furniture:

List Of Wood Pallet Furniture Ideas

Here, we'll explain some of the most popular wood pallet furniture ideas that DIYers like to make. Follow these steps, and you'll find yourself a nice piece of furniture in the comforts of your own home!


Creating a chair is a simple project that should take about an hour to make. While you don’t have to use power tools, they will help in making the project faster/easier. Start by using a drill to make pilot holes and a circular saw to cut the wooden pallets to the correct size.

Use a nail gun for the bottom and back slats of the chair. Use a drill and nails if you don't have a nail gun. Also, use glue and 17-inch brads to reduce the need of using screws for the chair. Assemble the chair and sandpaper the edges to remove the splinters.

Wear safety glasses and a respiratory mask when sanding down the wood. Always consider your safety by using personal protective gear. The wood could have a chemical treatment which can cause serious injury if you inhale its dust.

Pallet furniture chair.

Industrial Styled Bed

You can make a simple wood pallet bed using several pallets stacked together. Depending on the bed’s size, you can use a circular saw to cut the base of the pallet to your desired size. Place the cut ends inwards once you assemble the base.

Finish the job by attaching a timber bedhead. For an extra design flair, you can stain or paint the pallet bedhead with a base to match.

Pallet bed.

Vertical Pot Planter

This is a great idea for your kitchen herbs. You can add some greenery or color to your patio, deck or balcony with a pallet planter. Create a closed rack out of every shelf for small pot plants. Fill the pot with soil and place your plant inside the holes. Use potting mix in the pocket to make it work as a linear planter box.

Vertical Pot Planter.

Biscuit Joiner - A Perfect Tool For Making DIY  Pallet Furniture?

Use your biscuit joiner for almost everything above. You could use dowels to create pallet furniture, but they are harder to align with accuracy. Biscuit joiners create an easy joint and take less time getting the right cutting depth in a pallet.

When your cut piece isn't 100% accurate, biscuit joiners are more forgiving. You have the advantage to use its side-to-side alignment. So, biscuit joiners are great for DIY pallet furniture tool. They help you make a safe cut through the wood if your hands stay steady when operating them. 

If you do use a biscuit joiner for wood pallet outdoor furniture, make sure that you get the right blade size. On average, a 4-inch blade size will help you cut through most pallets with ease. For smaller projects and cutting frames, you should get a blade that's about 2 inches long.

A biscuit joiner adds strength, speed, and accuracy to your pallet furniture projects. Use one to make a nice piece of furniture for both you and your guests to enjoy. If you have a biscuit joiner, you’ll increase your efficiency making DIY pallet projects.

Closing Remarks

Pallet furniture is a popular choice for some homeowners. Because it's easy to make you'll create some furniture of your own design. Try using a biscuit joiner and use it to cut time from the joint making task.

Pallet furniture.

Do you have any pallet furniture ideas that you've used in your home?

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