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Porter Cable Variable Speed PC160JT Jointer

The Porter Cable Variable Speed PC160JT Jointer Review: A Must-Have Jointer For Your Projects!

Whether you are fairly new to the woodworking world or have been involved in some of the wildest projects in the industry, chances are that you’ve at least once come across a jointer.

Promising perfect boards with flat and straight edges, a jointer is an important tool when it comes to shaping and achieving dead-straight edges.

 Haven’t purchased your first jointer yet? Or looking to upgrade your tool kit? There are numerous jointers available in the market. However, this article focuses on one of the best jointers currently out there: the Porter Cable Variable Speed PC160JT Jointer.
PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Variable Speed 6

Here’s What The Porter Cable Variable Speed PC160JT Jointer Offers

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the woodwork world for long or not; everyone needs a tool that makes their life easy and their creations near perfection. This jointer kit offers that and more!

If you feel that you need to take your skills to the next level by using a tool that enhances performance, offers durability, and allows you to take it anywhere, the PC160JT is your answer.

 We’ve compiled the most notable features of the Porter Cable Variable Speed PC160JT Jointer for you below:
  • Has an aluminum fence and is 35 lbs. in weight
  • Variable speed of 6,000 to 11,000 RPM speed range, giving the user the option of choosing the right rate for the material they are cutting
  • The motor power is 10A/ 1.4 horsepower
  • check
    Three-year warranty
  • check
    Exceptional edging, flattening and face jointing are excellent features
  • check
    Can straighten the board two times longer the length of the jointer
  • check
    A full 6-inch wide surfacing stock up
  • check
    A center-mounted fence adds to the support and streamlines the accurate edge jointing
  • check
    19.5 inches long fence, with two stops: 90 and 45 degrees
  • check
    Inexpensive and economical compared to competitors in the market, with good purchase protection
  • check
    Light-weight and portable
PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Variable Speed 6

The Porter Cable Variable Speed PC160JT Jointer is more than the admirable features we’ve mentioned above; the entire kit consists of parts structured to be strong and endure pressure. Two knife cutter heads are provided in the kit with a jackscrew knife leveling arrangement; this is what makes this jointer user-friendly, as this enables easy replacement and adjustment of knives. To make the replacement even more accessible, a built-in cutter headlock is added to the kit. Alongside the fences and the sturdy support system, you can rest assured that you will get a smooth, straight cut!

The extra-large table of an impressive 30 inches aids you while you focus on excellence, by allowing you to use the right speed for your deep cuts, adjustments, and support. The variable speed is one of the features that set this jointer apart; it lets you operate on your creations with multiple options and ease.

The cutter mentioned above has two high-speed steel straight knives that have been especially designed to land between 12,000 and 22,000 cuts per minute.

While we’ve already discussed the easy replacements and adjustments and how this gives you exceptional performance, there is no denying that this Porter Cable Jointer can help you maintain outstanding quality.

 Furthermore, this tool is resilient and durable and is specifically designed to last for a long time. It is readily available for a reasonable price, and any woodworker worth his salt knows this is absolutely worth the few extra bucks!

The Porter Cable Variable Speed PC160JT Jointer According to Customers

While the Porter Cable Variable Speed Jointer has been one of our top-rated woodworking must-haves, common woodworkers just like you, who have used it can truly help decide the real quality of any product.

The Porter Cable Pc160jt is an excellent tool, we won’t lie to you and tell you that this is devoid of any cons and lacks. To understand the performance of this tool better, we conducted research and surveys and reviewed some of the most issues people faced, what they felt about the use of the jointer, its shortcomings and its most exiting features.  

Most users were appreciative of the speed control feature, the arbor lock, and the ease of the adjustments offered. One pointed out that it weighs considerably lighter and can be easily moved around. Another claimed that he’s been using the Porter Cable PC160JT for a while and called it “a beautiful little machine, easy to setup and flawless performance!”

On the flip side, there were also a few comments suggesting that some people faced trouble using this jointer. Some of the reviews highlighted that the table top provided with the tool isn’t very durable due to the aluminum used and suggested that steel would have been a more resilient option. Some had complaints that the fence has to be re-squared every time you want to make an adjustment, and that the design of the fence didn’t make the job any easier.

 The fence was a common complaint amongst most users of the PC160JT. As it turns out, one recurrent shortcoming was that the fence has a tendency to drift whenever you secure it, and this costs you time. Some also complained that the jointer often goes out of alignment and is hard to calibrate.
PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Variable Speed 6

Comparison With Its Closest Competitor Tool

The PC160JT is often compared to Delta Power Tools 37-071 6 inch, so we decided to review both these tools side-by-side!



110 volts motor

120 volts motor


Slightly more expensive

Knives can land 12K to 22K cuts per minute

Knives can cut 20K cuts per minute

Lightweight, portable and mobile

Comparatively more in weight, and less portable in comparison

Made from aluminum

Made from steel

Sturdy but goes out of alignment

Clunky feeling

The fence has two stops, 90 and 45 degrees

The fence has two stops, 90 and 45 degrees

Three-year warranty

Five-year warranty

PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Variable Speed 6

As any experienced woodworker can tell you, there are a lot of things that make both these tools similar yet different at the same time.

 However, the PC160JT Jointer stands out from the lot due to its affordable price tag, ability to land 12K to 22K cuts per minute, and light weight that makes it very easily to move the tool from place to another.

Bottom Line

There used to be a time when finding the perfect jointer was hard. However, in recent times, things are a lot different.

There are numerous high quality tools available on the market, and some are better than the others due to the latest features that they offer. This reality has encouraged every company to innovate and up their game with their woodworking tool, to stand against the competitions in the market. So, the question arises, is the PC160JT kit better than its competitors, where does it really stand?

What we like about this jointer is that it allows you to set the fence to the specific degree you desire, such as 90 degrees, and use the different sections of the blade smoothly and precisely. Additionally, the Allen set screw helps in the finer adjustment of the fence for vertical plane. Yes, you do have to set the fence and adjust it, but Porter Cable has gone to great lengths to make that hassle-free and comfortable, and after a bit of work, you do get exceptional results.

The only issue we find noteworthy that was not highlighted in the customer reviews was that this jointer kit has a less powerful motor, which powers the cutter head. A few competitive tools have more powerful motors, but this efficient jointer kit overcomes that drawback by its impressive number of cuts per minute. We like to believe that if you are in search of a tool that gets you precise, equal, and streamlined cuts, the Porter Cable Variable Speed PC160JT Jointer is the perfect tool for you.

As revealed by customer reviews, this jointer is comparatively lightweight and compact, which combined, gives it the gift of mobility. You can carry it with you to various workshops with less hard work. This also makes it for easy portability, handling, and storing. If you can get over the few drawbacks, you can use this for an extended time and have the support for heavy works.

What really makes this jointer kit a must-have for us is the fact that it has a high variance speed bracket, which allows you to create deep, low, small or hard cuts in many degrees and get streamlined results. You can easily set the fence and by using the speed, find your comfort zone and have fun while you make your perfect masterpieces.

 We understand that the list of jointers available in the market is growing with each passing day. While new models are featured every week, it has become incredibly difficult for woodworkers to choose the right tools for their workshop. In our opinion, the Porter Cable Variable Speed PC160JT Jointer makes a great fit for all those looking for a durable tool. An excellent addition to your tool kit, this tool is lightweight, cheap, and portable. You cannot go wrong with the Porter-cable PC160JT jointer kit, it is definitely worth a place on your workshop tool shelf!

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