Truepower Biscuit Plate Joiner with Carbide Tipped Blade 4 Review

For all those looking to either get a taste of woodworking or take their skills to the next level, a good biscuit joiner is an essential tool to take special note of. Providing woodworkers with the ability to join together two pieces of wood, a biscuit joiner (or in other words, a plate joiner) is a very useful part of your woodworking tools.

When it comes to the world of joinery, there are tens and hundreds of biscuit joiners to choose from. Each offering unique features such as a fence system and angled cuts, it can often become a horrifying experience trying to purchase a biscuit joiner.Gino Development 01-0102 TruePower Biscuit Plate Joiner with Carbide Tipped Blade 4"


Think Biscuit Joiner

Before we begin to discuss the Gino Development 01-0102 Truepower Biscuit Plate Joiner with Carbide Tipped Blade 4, let’s first refresh our memory about few important details surrounding biscuit joiners and their use.

 A biscuit joiner is primarily used for joining solid wood to plywood. Offering near to perfect alignment and strong joints, a biscuit joiner is an excellent for solid joinery of project parts.  Here are few benefits of using a biscuit joiner:

Benefits Of Using Biscuit Joiner:

They Make Woodworking Easier

Achieving proper joints manually can take over hours and hours. Forget having to spend the rest of your life trying to join pieces of wood, biscuit joiners make the task possible in just under a couple of minutes.

Compact & Very Easily-To-Use

Unlike most woodworking tools, biscuit joiners are generally small in size, portable and very convenient to use. Most biscuit joiners can be easily carried around and can be easily used on the field.

They Can Be Used On Wood With Different Thicknesses

Biscuit joiners are designed in a way to handle wood of thicknesses. They allow woodworkers to remain in control of their projects by being able to choose their preferred thickness of the wood and the depth they wish to achieve.

Things To Keep In Mind When Purchasing A Biscuit Joiner

Now that we’ve reminded you of all the great things that come with buying a biscuit joiner, let’s get back to talking about purchasing a joiner that is well-worth your investment.

When choosing a biscuit joiner, the following are few things that one must be on the lookout for:

  • Your preferred handle for grip
  • The presence of a fence feature
  • Small blades for smaller joints

Whether you are in stores for your first biscuit joiner or looking to upgrade your tools, the Gino Development 01-0102 Truepower Biscuit Plate Joiner with Carbide Tipped Blade, 4 can be just the tool you need.

Won’t take our word for it? See it for yourself.

This article looks into the performance and overall quality of the Gino Development 01-0102 TruePower Biscuit Plate Joiner with Carbide Tipped Blade, 4 from the eyes of a common woodworker.

 Learn about the many features that this tool has to offer, get an insight scoop on real reviews from customers and get ready to purchase a tool that will take your woodworking experience more fun than ever!

Gino Development 01-0102 Truepower Biscuit Plate Joiner with Carbide Tipped Blade, 4 Review

Powered by a 1010-watt motor capable of delivering 110,000 RPM rotation, the Gino Development 01-0102 Truepower Biscuit Plate Joiner with Carbide Tipped Blade is a unique joiner in the industry. Famous for its cutting depth capability of 0.55″ and angles from 0-45 degrees with stops at 0,10 and 20 sized, this joiner can be seen as an excellent addition to any woodworker’s set of tools.

About the Manufacturers: Gino Developments

Based out of California, Gino Development is one of America’s most celebrated wholesaler/distributor focusing on automotive, home improvement, garden, outdoor, and recreational products, electronics and power tools.

 The company remains highly dedicated to introducing the latest and high-quality products to the market at affordable prices. Their distribution channels include company website, eBay & Amazon.

Specifications of the 01-0102 Truepower Biscuit Plate Joiner

Gino Development 01-0102 Truepower Biscuit Plate Joiner with Carbide Tipped Blade, 4"


Some noteworthy specifications of this tool include:

  •  1010 Watts, 11000 RPM, 120v/60hz AC
  • Biscuit Spec: #0, #10, #20
  • Including one 4″ 6T C2 tungsten carbide tipped blade
  • One-year limited warranty
  •  120v 10,000 rpm motor
  •  19 x 6 x 7 inches Dimensions
  •  Preset depth stops for 0,10 and 20 sized biscuits
  • Max cutting depth: 0.55″, Cutting Angle: 0 – 45 degree
  •  8.35 pounds weight


The Gino Development 01-0102 Truepower Biscuit Plate Joiner with Carbide Tipped Blade 4 comes with a one-year service all-inclusive warranty from the manufacturer and is supported by a 30-day money back guarantee from the date of purchase. All customers are required to present proof of purchases.


Priced at only a little over $50, this tool is the only machine in the market capable of delivering premium value at a very pocket-friendly price.

 Looking to get a little more insight on this tool? Continue reading.


  • The Truepower Biscuit Plate Joiner features an extraordinary blade that is capable of cutting through anything
  • The machine is capable of cut wood to a depth of up to 0.55″
  • Comparatively light weight and small in small, making it the perfect choice for professionals in the woodworking industry
  • It can operate at upto 11,000 RPM
  • The machine supports adjustments of wood boards of different thickness. The biscuit joiner is compatible with just about any thickness and doesn’t come with any limitations
  • Has a very powerful 8.4-amphere motor that delivers high levels of strength and control
  •  Its 4-inch carbide tip blade makes extremely detained and precise cuts


  • Blades of the machines get dull very quickly.
  • The Truepower Biscuit Plate Joiner has an increased operating volume.
  • The fence that comes with it are not capable of going past 90 degress.
  • The machine has a poor dust collection system and can cause serious health risks to the operator in the long run.
  •  Small size

4-Inch Carbide-Tipped 6T C2 Tungsten Blade

The Gino Development 01-0102 Truepower Biscuit Plate Joiner with Carbide Tipped Blade, 4″ features an extraordinary 4-inch carbide-tipped 6T C2 tungsten blade. Standing apart from its competition, the carbide-tipped blades on this tool ensure that the biscuit joiner can cut-through anything including touch hardwood at a lower RPMs and has blades that last for years to come.

Speed & Cutting Angle

Sporting its truly spectacular 11,000 RPM capacity driven by a 1,010-watt, 120-volt, and 60-hertz motor, the TruePower 01-0102 promises an unmatched cutting action and accurate penetration.

 Many experts claim that the TruePower 01-0102 offers a speed that can be compared to the Makita PJ7000 Plate Joiner. While the two offer surprisingly similar qualities, the TruePower 01-0102 is capable working with cutting angles 0 through 45 degrees.


Just like the Makita PJ7000, the TruePower 01-0102 is compatible with biscuits #0, #10 and #20 and has a maximum cutting depth that slightly exceed half an inch.


Being a very pocket-friendly tool, the TruePower 01-0102 is an excellent for just about anyone looking to get their hands on a quality biscuit joiner without breaking the bank. Having said that, this tool is best-suited for individuals that perform work in the field and require biscuit joinery on a semi-regular basis as opposed to daily heavy-duty use. While the TruePower 01-0102 in undoubtedly a very efficient machine and delivers great quality in terms of value, there are chances that they many not very well under extreme day-to-day usage.


Big is not always better proves the TruePower 01-0102. Weighing only 8bs, the TruePower 01-0102 is a small and very versatile plate joiner that delivers the power of jointers twice its size and weight.

Furthermore, the TruePower 01-0102 is good for both big and small projects and is powerful enough to produce strong milter joints, corner joints and edge-to-edge joints.

Customer Reviews

I debated between this, the cheap one, or the Dewalt, the expensive, yet tried and tested one.I ended up with this one because for the time being I presumed my use to be minimal. While I have used this tool regularly, it is not something I employ on a daily basis. That being said, I have had no issues with it whatsoever in performing the task it was designed to.If I had one complaint it would be that even with a shop vac hooked up to the dust collection outlet (with the appropriate hose diameter reduction in place) it can become a bit stuffed with shavings. Not sure if that’s on me or if the internal chamber could have been designed a little bit better to encourage better flow of waste wood.Still though, 5 stars due to quality and value for money. Would highly recommend for anyone that doesn’t see the need to spend the extra $100+ on the more established brands.”

“This is the first Biscuit joiner I have operated/owned. I bought it for wood working projects around the house so I couldn’t see spending double on another joiner that I wouldn’t be using everyday. I have made about 200 cuts with it so far and am very impressed with the joiner on every level but one. Unless you make your cuts very slow, the dust collection gets clogged very easy and the bag(when collecting properly) will need to be emptied after every 5 or 6 cuts on the #20 biscuit setting. The tool makes accurate cuts and has run flawlessly so far. I have been using #1 pine so the wood has been pretty soft. 4 out of 5 stars for the sub par dust collection. Let the blade get up to speed like normal, make every cut slow and empty the bag often and that will help alleviate this problem.”

The Wrap Up

All in all, the TruePower 01-0102 is an excellent pick for beginners looking to purchase their first biscuit joiner and test out all the many ways this tool can help them enhance their woodworking.

However, despite its highly affordable price and ability to deliver an incredible RPM, the machine is not well suited for professionals in search of a tool that they can use on every day basis.

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